Friday, June 26, 2009

Wurstkuche Restaurant

Wurstkuche, which means sausage kitchen in German, is a non-descript place near the regentrified portion of 3rd Street in Downtown LA. It's across the street from Zip Sushi and e3rd Steakhouse. It is surrounded by warehouses (or what used to be warehouses, now are converted lofts). There's a very industrial feel to the place.

My recommendation is to come for the beer. They've got German and Belgian beers on tap, very uncommon in LA. Pictured below is the Bitburger on tap, cost is around $5.

Beer is a bit pricey, as expected for German and Belgian beer. Chris got the Aventinus for $11 and it was nothing special. They do have German wines and other unusual drinks, such as Elderflower soda.

Of course, being a "sausage kitchen" I had to taste a bratwurst or two. They do have an unusual selection of sausages on their menu, such as buffalo, alligator and rattlesnake. We weren't so adventurous, we opted for the Bratwurst and the Hot Italian with sweet peppers (pictured below). They were good, Bratwurst was standard fare, good Bratwurst is hard to find in LA. Hot Italian was tasty. My companion mentioned the vegetarian sausage was the best she's ever tasted. I recommend getting a side of Belgian fries with blue cheese walnut bacon dipping sauce.

Pic by Chris Walters.

My only complaint about this place is that it's pricey. There's no happy hour. But it is free parking and I'm already thinking about those Belgian fries. They were delicious.

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Dining on Deals said...

I stumbled upon this place by accident and thought the sausages were pretty tasty - but I agree that it's a little over priced. Mmmmm, I'd almost forgotten about those dipping sauces.

Smokeydoke said...

Yes, it's a very unusual location, but I love it. It's like an adventure finding the place.

Those Belgian fries were heavenly!


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