Tuesday, April 14, 2009


How can I do this place justice? As some of you may know, I'm an aspiring foodie. However I have ruined my short lived foodie career by going to Providence. There's no point in trying other places anymore, I'll come here instead!

On to the review... for starters, it's a foodie's paradise. The ambiance is okay, best part is I found free street parking when I looked hard enough. The location is okay, and the decor is decent.

I got their Lyone cocktail, excellent and very strong. Later I got their Pear Martini, which was tasty but not as strong. The Lyone had done the deed, I was flying the entire night.

Amuse Bouche - nut coated wasabi marshmellow and carrot soup with creme. Bread was a bacon brioche, very tasty.

Appetizer - Chowda. My least favorite course. There was a bacon theme that night and while I love bacon as much as the next person, I don't equate it with fine dining. It had whole clams and the broth wasn't too rich. Overall, it would've been a 5+ chowda at any seafood joint, but for Providence, it was a lacking. The best part was the presentation, they pour the cream over the clams, similar to milk to cereal.

Main Course - Halibut and seafood with Thai curry. Along with the bacon theme was a Thai theme in my dinner. This entree was delicious. The halibut and calamari were cooked to perfection. The sauce was perfect, not a typical Thai curry but a more refined version, it didn't overpower the halibut.
Highlight of the evening was I got to try one of my companion's wagyu rib eye, the highest grade of beef available (with the price tag to prove it). To be honest, it tasted like a fillet of cow fat (I have probably jeopardized my fledgling foodie career by saying this). It didn't resemble beef to me at all, the texture was very tender, not like a protein, more like a fat, and it melted in my mouth.

Dessert - Chocolate ganache with peanut butter and beer ice cream. It would've been heavenly for a chocoholic but for me it was a bit overpowering. I preferred my companion's caramalized banana bread with ginger. The bananas were cooked sous vide style, it kept form better than regular frying, which makes the bananas mushy. The best dessert were the Thai caramels served at the end. They were little rolls, like saltwater taffy, but they were infused with Thai curry. A brilliant combination, it was a taste explosion in my mouth.

Overall, the entire experience was amazing. Price was high, but can you put a price tag on a taste of heaven?

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Charles G Thompson said...

I haven't been to either restaurant. Will have to try them out. Nice blogs - keep going!


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