Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ruen Pair: Good Thai Eats!

Sometimes I just want good, cheap, satisfying, sit-in-your-belly food. I want a restaurant with no pretensions, no dressing up, no reading reviews. That's when I head out to Ruen Pair in Thai Town. It's a small, hole-in-the-wall place inside a shopping center filled with good Thai eats. I love this place because the food is great, cheap and the place is clean.

Besides being the destination for club-going drunks, this place has great morning grub. Ruen Pair's specialty is their rice porridge and their accompanying dishes. Since the porridge is so bland, it's best to get a flavorful dish to accompany it. My recommendations would be the Black Egg with Fried Basil or the Clams with Mint Sauce. Both are bursting with flavor and spice and they are delicious.

My favorite dish is their Seafood Salad (pictured below). Chris and I aren't adventurous eaters, we almost always order the same things and I order more exotic dishes when I go out with my Thai foodies. So, I've eaten a lot of Thai Seafood Salads in my life and Ruen Pairs is one of the best. It's loaded with different types of seafood, cooked perfectly and sauced with a spicy, lime sauces. I love how the squid is always soft and the shrimp are al dente but not rubbery (in other words, they were cooked separately, and they were cooked right).

Ruen Pair has good rice dishes and noodle dishes. I recommend their Pad See Ew, it's better than most. Pictured below is their Pineapple Fried Rice, which is beautiful but not as tasty as their other dishes. I hear they make a great noodle soup.

Most dishes range from $6 to $8, it's amazing, I keep ordering food and drinks and the bill still came out to less than $20. PROTIP: they only accept cash but they do have an ATM on site. After a great meal, there's always Bhan Kanom Thai, a Thai bakery, across the lot. They make great sticky rice with mangoes. And next to the shopping center there's Thailand Plaza, I go there for cheap Thai goods.

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