Friday, September 11, 2009

Elite Restaurant: Mikey Likes It!

Shark Fin and Red Clam Dumpling, Almond Covered Shrimp, along with other dim sum dishes Picture from LA Times
The Craving Asian Food crew and I hit Elite Restaurant a few weeks ago in search of LA's best dim sum and we were not disappointed. The food was delicious and the service was doting, although there was a bit of a language barrier.

Here's a rundown of the food we ordered:

Shrimp Har Gow: The Har Gow is like a dumpling but has a different wrapper. It's more chewy and translucent. Often dim sum chefs are judged by their har gow. Elite's was more than adequate, they were tasty and well-made,  didn't fall apart when I picked them up. However, not my favorite dish, but a must-have at any dim sum meal.

Baked Scallop and Turnip Cake - This was an unusual dish, it tasted fried because the outer crust was crispy. Inside was a mushy turnip filling, I barely tasted any scallop. It was unusual but next time I'll pass, it didn't taste very good. 
Baked Scallop and Turnip Cake  Pic from by aromagirl
Almond Covered Shrimp - (See first pic) This was my favorite dish of the meal. It was a shrimp ball covered with almond flakes, the combination was unusual and tasted superb.
Shark Fin and Red Clam Dumpling - This was another unusual dish, I've only seen it one other place and that's at Happy Harbour in Rowland Heights. I couldn't taste the shark fin, it served more as adornment. The dumpling itself didn't taste strongly of clam, it could've been a scallop and I wouldn't have known. Even with the exotic ingredients, I'll pass next time I come, it wasn't as tasty as the shrimp shu mai. 
Shrimp Shu Mai -These have to be the biggest shrimp shu mais ever. They contained a whole piece of shrimp. They were the best I've ever had.
Shrimp Rice Noodle, Supreme Mixed Vegetable Rice Noodle - This is another dim sum stand-by, can't have dim sum without it. It's a rice noodle wrapped around a shrimp or vegetable filling then splashed with a sauce (most likely fish and soy sauce). It's very good and Elite's version doesn't disappoint.
Chicken Feet - We ordered some, but I'm sad to say I didn't eat it. Hey, more power to people who do! They loved it. 
Remember the old Life cereal commercial that had a little kid that didn't like anything. Then his brothers put a bowl of Life cereal in front of him and he starts eating it. The brothers exclaim, "Mikey likes it"! Let's replace Mikey with Chris, as Chris has to be the harshest critic I've ever known. He once told me "there are no good restaurants in LA". I was mortified at the statement and being a native Los Angelean,  I was determined to prove him wrong. Ever since then, "Mikey likes it" has become a running joke between us. 
So it was to my great delight when I got an unexpected "Chris likes it" after our lunch at Elite. This was the first restaurant we've been to that he gave two thumbs up. He liked it so much, he even said he's going to have his wedding there! LOL. That wedding better include me! 
See, Mikey Chris does like it!  

Do you think we ordered enough food? LOL. We ordered so much food, I don't remember half of it. 
The Craving for Asian Food Menagerie. We were very full.

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