Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Java Spice: Indonesia Food in Rowland Heights

Indonesian cuisine reflects the vast variety of people that live on the 6,000 populated islands that make up Indonesia. There is probably not a single "Indonesian" cuisine, but rather, a diversity of regional cuisines influenced by local Indonesian culture and foreign influences. from Wikipedia

I was feeling adventurous one day and decided to try Java Spice, a hole-in-the-wall Indonesian place in Rowland Heights. It's located inside Yes Plaza. It's been there for years. I never had Indonesian food before and I was surprised at how good it was. Andrew Zimmern would've been proud, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and discovered a culinary pleasure.

The meal started with a drink called Es Teler. It's made of avocados, jack fruit, young coconut and spiced condensed milk. It was delicious! The fruits melded great with the milk, even though the fruit combination sounded strange. The avocados were barely noticeable but it lent a buttery texture. Es Teler is a great way to cool off on a hot day.

This is a picture of Es Teler from gothamist. It's similar to the one served at Java Spice.

For the main entree I ordered Mie Ayan Bakoo. PROTIP: they have their specialties bolded in red, I recommend ordering them. The Mie Ayan Bakoo was a two-fer. The first part were noodles mixed with diced chicken. Delicious. It was similar to Japanese Tan Tan Men. The second part is a meatball soup, simple, yet filling. The two dishes complimented each other nicely.

At the counter they sell Indonesian snacks to go. I couldn't resist and had to get the Lapis Legit (Layers cake) shown below. Lapis Legit is like bread pudding, it tastes of spices and milk. However it's layers of flour, akin to a dumpling skin, rather than layers of bread. It was interesting, although I didn't care for it much.

The second snack I got was called Rempeyek Kacang. It's akin to a tortilla chip yet has a savory, slightly bitter twist to it. The ingredients have salt, garlic and peanut. I wasn't too fond of this either.

In conclusion I really enjoyed my visit to Java Spice and since it's inexpensive I plan on coming back. I can't wait to explore more Indonesian food in the coming months. I love Los Angeles, it truly is the melting pot of the world.

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