Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Wing Fling Part Two: Honorable Mentions

Alondra Hot Wings
I have a love/hate relationship with Alondra. My mouth loves them, as everything on the menu is either fried, smothered with cheese, or drenched in sauce. My heart and its respective arteries hate them.

Nevertheless, I can never stay away for long. Twinkies, FRIED TWINKIES! Is there a better comfort food in all the world? Not for me! They've also got the best doughballs I've ever tasted. I can never eat just one.

Alas, I'm straying from the topic, which are chicken wings. Alondra has claimed to have the "best wings in town". Before I was a self-proclaimed foodie, I would've agreed, but that was because I didn't know any better. Don't get me wrong, Alondra makes great wings, just not the best. It's a lot of fun to mix the choice of sauces, my favorite sauces are original, spicy bbq, and thai chili.

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Furaibo Teba Saki
I have to give Furaibo an honorable mention. Why? Firstly, they never fail to bring the chicken to the table piping hot, blazing hot, like right of the fryer and burn your fingertips. I can never complain about Furaibo's food not being hot enough or fresh enough.

I like Furaibo's chicken wings, which are called teba saki, they are really cheap, at $4 an order. The chicken is marinated then grilled, not fried, and the skin has a great crispy crunch. I'm not sure what the marinade is but one of the ingredients is soy sauce. I'm not crazy about the flavor, I'm less crazy about the presentation (in other words, it looks ugly) but I give them credit for making the skin so light and crispy. I'm sure after a few beers, the taste of the wings don't matter anyways.

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