Monday, July 13, 2009

Joe Jost: A Long Beach Legend

Joe Jost (pronounced Joe-ost, rhymes with post) is a Long Beach institution. This working man's bar has been on the corner of Anaheim Blvd and Temple for more than eighty years. It's nothing fancy, stepping inside is akin to stepping inside a time capsule. Not much has changed in the past eighty years.

They only serve icy cold beer and Smirnoff ice, no wine. Busch is the preferred beer on tap. Their menu only has a handful of items, most notable are the pickled eggs served on a bed of pretzels. (If you look at the corner of the bar, you'll see the stove used to make the pickled eggs, it's the same one they've used for eighty years). You gotta try one of these eggs, I love them. They're salty, sour, spicy and fluorescent! It sure makes the beer taste good.

ABOVE: pickled eggs with pretzels. Joe Jost special in the back.

I also recommend the Joe Jost special, a hot dog split down the middle and stuffed with a pickle spear. It's served on freshly baked rye bread with cheese and mustard. It's so good. And at $3.50 each, I could eat three of these.
Lastly, make sure to peruse the walls for hours of free entertainment. They've got the legendary Joe Jost T-shirt pics and old historic photos of Long Beach. If you look in the back billard room, you can find the old calenders of the infamous Joe Jost girls. But don't take your kids, they're PG-13. ;-)

This post is dedicated to Chris, who takes me to the best dive bars in Long Beach. :-)

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