Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Edison Bar: Travel Back to the 1920's In Style

This place is amazing. It’s located in what used to be the old Edison Building, hence the name. The old generators are still there.

The decor is 1920’s, and it does remind me of the glitz and glamor of that era. The interior design and architecture of the place is amazing. I love the feel of descending into a dark basement and entering another era. There’s silent movies playing on various walls and servers dressed up in era costumes.

The cocktails here are amazing, my favorite is the Brass Flower; a blend of gin, elderflower cordial, grapefruit bitters and bubbly. Another favorite gin cocktail is the English afterthought, it has muddled ginger and blueberries. My least favorite was the Flame of Love Martini, it was too strong. Prices are steep, I recommend their happy hour, drinks are 50% off. On some Thurs night, they have a 35 cent drink special and they have Soup Kitchen on Fridays when they offer a 35 cent drink called the 401K. I recommend it.

Below are some pics I've taken with the different groups I've gone with to the Edison. It's a great place to take a group after work. Seating is free until 7pm, then there's a minimum purchase per person.

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lizriz said...

The brass flower is my fav! Yum!


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